About Condo Handyman

One Condo, One Call, One Company

Condo Handyman was created as an extension from an existing company centralized with serving Condominium Corporations and mangers in areas of renovations, repairs, and design on larger scales. In our many years of experience and numerous interactions with managers and Board Members, we realized a need to cater to the residents themselves, as more requests became apparent from unit owners while on various sites completing work for different Corporations.

Organizing Your Home

In today's fast paced environment that pairs with living in the city, there are often many challenges a condo owner will face when trying to schedule often necessary, yet time consuming tasks to be completed around the home. Condo Handyman serves as the answer to these needs. Our focus, experience, and professionalism in the industry are here to help maintain what truly is the essence of a condominium lifestyle.