Frequently Asked Questions

What is Condo Handyman?

Condo Handyman is a full-service Condominium orientated company, specializing in renovations, repair, and maintenance.

Are your technicians bonded and insured?

Yes, all Condo Handyman technicians are bonded and/or insured. At Condo Handyman our technicians are company employees and are covered under general liability and workers' compensation insurance.

Who is sent to my unit to do the work?

Our experienced technicians arrive at your building, check in with security or management prior to coming to your unit. Our technicians are not subcontractors; they are detail and customer service orientated.

Will I need to have the materials available in order for Condo Handyman to do the job?

Condo Handyman technicians stocks many common items for most general tasks, which means jobs are completed quickly and efficiently. If there are any additional materials needed for your job, you have several options:

What type of warranty or satisfaction guarantee do you offer?

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Condo Handyman has one priority and that is that the service we provide is of utmost satisfaction and quality. All workmanship is guaranteed for a period of two (2) years.

How do you charge?

At Condo Handyman, we charge by the hour or a fixed price budget. This way our customers are charged only for the time that we actually work.

Can I get an estimate for my job?

Yes you can request an estimate, however we have found that in the time it takes to gather various quotes, Condo Handyman can have the job completed. In most cases we can give you an approximate cost over the phone or through our online inquiry forms. Upon arrival and after a site assessment by our Condo Handyman, the scope of work is more extensive than anticipated, a re-quote will take place by either our service technician or a Project Manager will be dispatched to review the work on the spot. Rest assured and as always, no work will commence prior to your approval.