Our Services


Electrical services should be handled by licensed professionals; Have No Fear, Condo Handyman Is Here! Our Master electricians are able to complete your tasks.

Whether you are installing new fixtures to personalize your space or are planning to be more energy efficient and green, Condo Handyman can be your electrical specialist who will complete the job safely and efficiently.

NOTE: Relocation of some outlets can be performed; however a proper review must be made prior to commencing any electrical tasks.


Condo Handyman can complete all your installation and repair needs.

From hardwood to laminate, carpet, and tiling, our professional handyman can install many styles of contemporary flooring.


Our team of professionals will take care of all carpentry repairs and installations. If you are thinking of repairing or upgrading,


Sometimes all it takes to make a space your own; is a splash of color on the walls. This being said, a number of questions may follow; what type of paint should I use? How much do I need? What kinds of brushes are right for the job? Where essentially do I start?

Have No Fear,
Condo Handyman
Is Here!

Condo Handyman will help you personalize and bring your condo to life by taking care of your painting and wall covering needs.

Whatever stage you find yourself in, count on Condo Handyman to refresh your space from start to finish with minimal time and inconvenience to you.


Condo handyman not only takes care of your minor to do lists, we have completed many in suite renovations as well. From kitchen and bath to entire suite refurbishments, Condo Handyman is here to get the job done! One Condo, One Call, One Company!

Quick Fixes

Small jobs can often become larger ones when living in condominiums. Hanging picture frames for example may seem simple enough, but when you consider the potential of having to deal with concrete walls (common in many loft spaces), even the smallest jobs can end up taking more time and effort than anticipated. Let Condo Handyman handle even the smallest items on your "To-do" list today!